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World Pace Communications Network is proud to partner with NetSilica to offer you their newest product, the Virtual Online Office.

This web based Virtual Office suite includes a secure repository to protect your most important documents and data. It includes a fully integrated Personal Information Management (PIM) application,Click Here for a Flash DEMO of the Features of your Virtual Office by NetSilica providing a contact manager, address book, calendar, bookmark manager, and Web-based email system. 

With enhanced collaboration facilities, Virtual Online Office enables group-based functionality and Intranet features once reserved only for the largest corporations. 

Creating your Virtual Office Online is Simple. 

Click Here to Register for a FREE 30-Day Trial! 

Click Here for a Flash DEMO of the Virtual Office Features 

Still Need More Details?
Your Virtual Office Online is
Secure Data Repository -
Upload your data to our secure central data repository. Protect your data with your choice of encryption
Integrated plug in to Windows Explorer -
Use traditional Microsoft environment - Browse and access documents in your central data repository
using Windows Explorer.
Group based functionality -
Create a group-based environment and share data internally without having to send email attachments
Synchronized Personal Information Management (PIM) Suite -
Address Book, Calendar, Email and other management tools, all synchronized with your Microsoft Outlook
and Palm PDA.
Unlimited Storage Space -
Simply purchase additional space as your company and needs grow.
Online Backup/Restore -
Schedule backups of your PC and automatically back up all your critical data to our secure central
Wireless Access to data and personal information management -
Access data from any PDA or WAP enable device. Scheduled release Summer 2001.
  Coming Soon...
Coming Soon - More Online Applications from World Pace and NetSilica

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